Beneficiary Information


DPFP has been informed that there is a rumor that something has happened that impacted the active and retired members beneficiary forms on file with DPFP. That is absolutely not true. All beneficiary forms we had on file are still on file. However, active members hired more than a few years ago were not asked to fill out a beneficiary form for the pension when they joined the department. Completing the form is now a standard part of the rookie class. We encourage all members to ensure there is an up-to-date beneficiary form on file with DPFP.

Retired and active members can verify if a beneficiary form is on file by accessing their Web Member Services (WMS) account at sign in using Member Login at the top of the page or Sign Up if you do not already have a WMS account. Once you are logged in, select My Account and click the menu option Nominated Beneficiary or Beneficiaries On File.