Pension System Profile

The Dallas Police and Fire Pension System (DPFP) is an independently governed component unit of the City of Dallas (City) and serves to provide retirement, death and disability benefits to police officers and firefighters employed by the City.  DPFP is a single employer contributory defined benefit plan.
A retirement plan for Dallas police officers and firefighters was first created in 1916 by City of Dallas ordinance.   In 1933, the 43rd Legislature enacted 6243a, Vernon’s Texas Civil Service Statutes, establishing DPFP in statutes.  DPFP was restated and continued in 1989 by an Act of the 71st Legislature under Article 6243a-1. Article 6243a-1 was significantly amended by House Bill 3158 (HB 3158) which was passed unanimously by the 85th Legislature and was signed into law by Governor Abbott on May 31, 2017. This plan is referred to as the Combined Pension Plan.
The Supplemental Plan was created by City ordinance in 1973.  The intent of the Supplemental Plan is to provide additional retirement benefits to those members holding a rank higher than the highest corresponding civil service rank as provided in the Combined Pension Plan.     
 The assets of the Combined Pension Plan and the Supplemental Plan are co-invested through a Group Master Trust.  Administrative and professional expenses of DPFP are allocated to each plan on a pro-rata share based on the assets of each plan.