Preliminary Firefighter Trustee Runoff Election Results


At the July 13, 2023 Board meeting, the Board certified the election results of the Police Officer and Firefighter Trustee election and authorized a runoff election for the Firefighter Trustee position between Armando Garza and Matthew Shomer.  Per the Trustee Election Procedures, to be elected a Police Officer Trustee or Firefighter Trustee a candidate must receive more than 50% of the votes cast and if no candidate earns more than 50% of the votes cast, a runoff election would be held involving the two candidates receiving the highest number of votes.  Voting for the runoff election began at 8 a.m. Thursday, July 20th and ended at noon on Tuesday, August 1st.

The preliminary results for the Firefighter Trustee Runoff Election are as follows:

Race Candidate/Choice Votes

Firefighter Trustee

Matthew Shomer


Firefighter Trustee

Armando Garza (incumbent)


The results will be submitted to the Board to certify at the August 10, 2023 Board meeting. The new Trustee will serve from September 1, 2023 to August 31, 2026.

The Dallas Police & Fire Pension System congratulates Mr. Shomer and looks forward to working with him. Additionally, we would like to recognize Armando Garza for his years of service as the Firefighter Trustee on the DPFP Board and appreciate his dedication and contributions during his term.