Police Officer and Firefighter Trustee Candidates meet the required qualifications to be included on the voting ballots


At the May 11, 2023 Board meeting, the Board approved the following Police Officer Trustee candidates: Kenneth Haben, Zachary Knetzer, and Michael Taglienti, and the following Firefighter Trustee candidates: Armando Garza, David Hatch, Matthew Shomer, and David Waks as qualified to serve as Trustees pursuant to the requirements of Article 6243a-1 Section 3.01 (b-1) (1). More information can be found here regarding the Police Officer and Firefighter trustee candidates.

The voting packets for the Police Officer and Firefighter Trustee elections will be mailed on June 12th to active members’ home addresses or emailed to active members who have elected eCorrespondence. Voting begins at 8 a.m. on Tuesday, June 13th and voting ends at noon on Wednesday, June 28th.

Only active members are eligible to vote in the Police Officer Trustee and Fire Fighter Trustee elections that correspond with their role as either a Police Officer or Fire Fighter.

The election is being conducted for DPFP by YesElections, an independent firm that specializes in such elections. DPFP has no access to the counting of votes and receives all final reporting from YesElections. For assistance with the voting process, contact YesElections at (866) 384-9978 or help+DPFPS@yeselections.com.

Ballots will be tallied by YesElections and posted on www.dpfp.org Friday, June 30.  Election results will be certified by the DPFP Board of Trustees at the Regular Board Meeting on July 13, 2023. New Trustee terms will run for three years and begin on September 1, 2023.